BEAM Contacts for Android

How to notify people you changed numbers?

You don’t anymore. You them.

Welcome to BEAM

Our solution is Smart. Safe. Simple. Keep your contacts progressive and safe with ease on beam.

User Experience, Redefined.

BEAM makes contact management smart and enables you to grow your network without losing any contact. Contacts are synchronized and protected from duplication after every contact update you make.

Peace of mind.

Beam is created with user friendliness in mind. Beam is crafted for even the most technologically challenged people to breeze through the app.

Adapt, Evolve.

Don’t lose contacts anymore. Beam syncs your contacts and your business contacts’ details across the app with just one change.

Secure to the core.

Let beam take care of your contact information with it state of art encryption

Never lose contact with your network again. Beam converges different details of a contact which includes your work, contact number, email, address into a single contact and manages them intelligently.

Data is indispensable today. Protect your information from undesired attention, spam and junk with the block feature. BEAM makes securing your data and information the top priority. With end to end encryption, beam secure the users’ datas meaning you are share your information and data confidently and securely.

BEAM makes sharing your new contact info easy and quick. Do it once and you are done, your business contacts can now reach you on the new phone without difficulty.

  • Real time Update
  • Block feature
  • Highly secure server
  • Hsm encryption
  • End to end encryption

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